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7 Tips To Help You Accept And Love Your Post-Baby Body

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I am writing this post with tips to help you accept and love your post-baby body because although having a baby is a wonderful experience, it’s truly amazing, it’s also terrifying. I’m not gonna lie. Our bodies go through so many changes that can be hard to accept and adjust to.

Think about it. You go through 9ish months of physical changes while you grow this tiny little human inside you. You are filled with awe, fear, amazement and wonder until finally, this amazing little creation of yours comes into the world and you finally get to hold them in your arms!  

You get to see your sweet baby’s face, and kiss them and cuddle them and you feel like it was all worth it, all the pain, stress, worry and fear and changes you have endured were all worth it.

7 Tips to help you accept and love your post-baby body

Fast forward a little to when you are feeling physically healed, yet your body has not gone back to “normal”. You notice all the changes, maybe excess weight. Maybe you have stretch marks or varicose veins. Maybe you are suffering hair loss due to the hormonal changes.

That pregnancy glow every talked about has faded fast. Suddenly you may find yourself feeling tired, depressed and wondering if you will ever go back to normal. Your self-confidence is at an all-time low.  

Maybe you’ve seen celebrities or internet influencers posting their post baby photos and they seem to have just bounced right back and here you are wondering what happened to you. I’ve been there. I have two kids, one is 4 and the other is 1 ½.

My first was a natural childbirth, so I thought recovery should be quick and it shouldn’t take too much to get my body back. A few months after I remember feeling so depressed because I still looked pregnant. I remember one day my husband and I took our baby to see his pediatrician and the pediatrician made a comment that I looked bigger than I did right after my son was born.

Inspirational quote to help you too accept and love your post-baby body which says whatever you do be gentle with yourself. you don’t just live in this world or your home or your skin. you also live in someone’s eyes.

Later, when we were leaving the clinic we were outside waiting for our cab to pick us up and a couple of women walked by and we overheard them commenting on how my husband was too good looking to be with me and what was he doing with someone like me. I never felt so low in my life.  

Here I am supposed to be happy that I have this beautiful, healthy baby boy and yet here I was having my own inner insecurities pointed out to me by strangers. I went home and cried and cried. I felt awful. I felt fat and ugly and that I would never get my body back.

My self-confidence was at an all-time low. I was exhausted all the time, suffering post-partum depression, and I didn’t know what to do.

Eventually, somehow, I got on with life. I can’t even tell you how, those early months are really all a blur to me now. I eventually lost some of the weight, though not all of it, and got back to fairly normal.  

A couple years later I got pregnant with my second son. This time around I had to have a C-section, which brought a whole different level to healing and body issues. I had that C-section belly flap. My recovery was difficult, mostly due to stress and having to spend 12 days in the NICU when he was born.  

However, this time around I decided that I was not going to worry about my body and getting it “back to normal”. My youngest is a year and a half old now and I have had co-workers and friends teasing me that I must be pregnant again. But you know what? I don’t care.  

Sure, sometimes I have moments of feeling self-conscious, but then I stop myself and ask why? Why should I feel self-conscious? This body has done amazing things. It has been through a lot to get here so why should I feel the need to hold myself up to anybody else’s physical standards or ideas of what I should be? This is me. Now. This is my normal.  

Inspirational quote to help you accept and love your post-baby body which says To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.

My body has created and nourished these two beautiful children. I have nothing to feel bad about. You have nothing to feel bad about. We need to love our bodies for the amazing things they have done.  

So, here are tips I have implemented this time around to help me get over my insecurities. I hope they will help you, mamas, to learn to love yourself and love and accept your new normal. If it’s been difficult for you to accept and love your post-baby body then please read on and implement these tips.

1. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities or social media influencers

In reality, you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone, but especially not anyone who is PAID to look their absolute best at any moment. Most celebrities live with strict diet and exercise regimens, personal trainers and professional dieticians. It’s just not realistic.  

You need to focus on you and your own personal journey.

2. Make YOU time

Sometimes, especially in the early days of motherhood, it is easy to feel like you have lost your self-identity. It’s easy to feel that you just exist to care for and nourish the baby and overlook yourself. If you aren’t careful this can become habitual, and it is a huge detriment to your self-confidence when you stop taking time for you.

So have someone watch the baby for a while and take some time for you to do something you enjoy or that makes you feel good and gives you some breathing room where you can focus on you.

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3. Tell your partner how you’re feeling

I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is that we tend to hold in our feelings and try to put up a front for everyone, so we end up not confessing our feelings and insecurities to our partners.  

It’s very easy for a partner to not be sensitive to your feelings, even possible make comments or jokes that could hurt your feelings and make you feel more insecure simply because they don’t know. Most likely because they don’t see anything wrong with you at all, so if you don’t communicate how your feeling, they can’t help you feel better about it, because to them, there is no issue.  

Believe me, your perceived flaws are just that, a self-perception. Sure your partner may notice differences in you, but I guarantee that if they love you, they don’t see those changes as flaws or anything to be self-conscious about.  Perhaps if you talk it out they might be able to help you realize how amazing you truly are and help you to see yourself the way that they do.

Inspirational quote to help you too accept and love your post-baby body which says To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. 

4. Spend time with your mom tribe

Sometimes you just need to connect with your mommy friends. Spend time with those who have been through what you are going through or maybe still are, and can help lift you up and encourage you.  

Spending time with your mom tribe can help you to realize how truly amazing we all are as women and mothers, and that you are not alone in what you are feeling, but that it will most likely pass and you will gain that self-confidence once again. They can help build your confidence back up and help you to accept the new you for the truly amazing person that you are.

5. Get moving

I know, maybe you are exhausted or feel like you don’t have time to exercise, but if you can take some time to get out in the fresh air, maybe take your baby for walk, it can be invigorating and help you to feel better about yourself. Exercising, even just a little, can do wonders to boost your mood and make you feel better about your body because you are actively working on getting in better shape. 

6. Nurture your body

We spend so much of our pregnancy taking care of our bodies so we can take care of the baby that sometimes once the baby is born, it is easy to focus so much on them that we neglect ourselves. You may be tired, or just so focused on your little one that you start to don’t really pay attention to yourself or your diet. Big mistake mama.  

Take time to nurture yourself as well. Eat well, not with the intention of losing weight or changing your body, but just simply thinking about nurturing and caring for your body. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, complete meals. Just nurture your body. You will feel better physically, which will help you feel better mentally and emotionally as well.  

Take time to nurture yourself as well. Eat well, not with the intention of losing weight or changing your body, but just simply thinking about nurturing and caring for your body. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, complete meals. Just nurture your body. You will feel better physically, which will help you feel better mentally and emotionally as well.  

7.  Get dressed

Now, I know it’s tempting to just hide behind those baggy shirts and leggings, thinking they will just cover up all your perceived “flaws” however, sometimes you just need to dress up a little, put on some nice clothes, a little makeup, fix your hair. It can actually do wonders for your confidence.  

Sometimes when I am going through my clothes, looking for something to wear and my eldest son is there with me, if he sees me pull out a dress he will ask me to wear it, he will beg me to put on a dress because he says it makes me look like a princess. And then when I put one on, he will tell me how beautiful I look and how much like a princess I am.  

Now, if that isn’t a confidence booster there I don’t know what is. It makes me realize that, even though it’s just a piece of clothing, sometimes when you make that effort, and people notice the effort you are making, it can help you to feel better about yourself.  

In conclusion mama, however you may be feeling right now, know this. You. Are. Amazing. Our bodies are amazing.

We are capable of creating and growing this precious life inside of us. Through extreme pain we bring them into the world. We recover, somehow, through sleepless nights and constant worry. We are capable of nourishing these little humans with our own bodies. These are amazing feats.

So why do we worry about our body being different? Why do we get self-conscious about not looking the same as we did before the baby?  

We should instead be celebrating the wonder and amazement of our bodies that we can go through all of that and recover enough to nurture those babies and care for them through sleepless nights and hectic days.

That after all that we go through to bring these beautiful babies into the world and nurture them, we are willing to do it again. And sometimes again and again. Because, at the end of the day, there is nothing like that cuddling that beautiful little baby in your arms, there is nothing like that beautiful little smile, their little faces that look up at you full of trust and the purest love.  

And you know what? That is what I focus on. No matter how self-conscious I may feel, my sons love me for who I am. To them I am perfect. To them, all I have to do is put on a dress and brush my hair and suddenly I am a princess.  

So mamas, if you still find yourself feeling bad about your post baby body, just try to look at yourself through your baby’s (or child’s) eyes. To them, you are perfect as you are.

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4 thoughts on “7 Tips To Help You Accept And Love Your Post-Baby Body”

  1. First of all your pediatrician sucks. Lol! I just can not even handle that comment. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom, we all need supportive people around us. Also to give ourselves grace.

  2. Thanks for this post. I was able to lose weight quickly after my first child, but not after my second. He is almost 3 and I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this might just be my body now. I’m trying to be positive about what I have to work with now. Like you said, my body has done amazing things and I should be proud.

  3. These arr great tips. I’ve had 3 kids and I still look pregnant which really bums me out sometimes. I’ve had people assume I’m still pregnant, but I’m learning how to just ignore those people and accept my body the way it is.

  4. I can’t believe your doctor said that to you!!! Thank you for sharing this. We often forget as moms how strong and amazing our bodies are and all that they go through to have our babies. We have to remember that. They go through so many changes with pregnancy and even if you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight your body will just be different. These are great tips for feeling better about those changes.

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